R&D Portfolio and Pipeline
for cannabis-related
AEF0117 has an open FDA IND and will enter phase 2b clinical trials in the United States during the second trimester of 2022.
AEF0117 is a new molecular entity (NME) developed by Aelis Farma to treat the harmful effects of excessive cannabis use.
AEF0117's major characteristics:
High potency in inhibiting the effects of cannabis’ active ingredient, THC, in several animal species including primates without side effects on normal behavior.
Favorable ADMET profile, with good oral absorption, brain access, long half-life and no toxic or adverse effects identified to date (Therapeutic index >13,000)
Good pharmacokinetic, safety and efficacy profile in healthy volunteers and cannabis addicts.
The clinical development of AEF0117 is supported by grants from NIDA-NIH (National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institute of Health, US).
for cognitive
AEF0217 entered phase 1 clinical trials in October 2021 in Europe.
AEF0217 is the second drug candidate developed by Aelis Farma. It is specifically designed for the treatment of cognitive deficits.
AEF0217's major characteristics:
High potency in reversing cognitive deficits in validated translational models of Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome and aging related cognitive impairments.
No identifiable behavioral side effects even in fragile trisomic and aged mice.
Very favorable ADMET profile, with good oral absorption, brain access, long half-life and a good tolerability (therapeutic index = 640).
Clinical development of AEF0217, for which its first therapeutic indication is the cognitive deficits in Down syndrome, is supported by a grant from the EU (Horizon Programme H2020, Grant N° 899986).
for other cannabinoid-
dependent diseases
Aelis Farma’s platform provides new Signaling Specific inhibitors of the CB1 receptor.
New CB1-SSi are New Molecular Entities (NME) with an original structure and improved pharmacodynamic properties, which will provide drug candidates for the treatment of other CB1-dependent diseases, including several orphan diseases.